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NOWPAP DINRAC participated China-ASEAN Environmental Protection Information Sharing Platform Workshop

China-ASEAN Environmental Protection Information Sharing Platform Workshop was held in Beijing, China, from 26th to 27th, Oct., 2016. The workshop was hosted by China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center (China Center for SCO Environmental Cooperation).


More than 60 representatives and experts from the ASEAN member states (Brunei; Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), ASEAN secretariat, UNEP, international organizations and partners have attended the workshop. The experts exchanged management experience and practice of environmental information technologies during the meeting, and discussed the implementation plan for China-ASEAN environmental protection information sharing platform.


Mr. Yan Feng has participated the meeting representing NOWPAP DINRAC, shared and communicated the major tasks and activities of DINRAC with other representatives. After discussion with Mr. YAN, they all expressed that it would be necessary to improve the cooperation in some ways with international and regional organizations including NOWPAP DINRAC in the field of Marine environmental data and information exchange for regional environmental governance and management.